Shisha Bars in Mulberry Indiana

Enjoying Shisha

Hookah, or Shisha, is becoming known as a relaxing and social pastime.  The wonderful aromas, the sounds of the hookah bubbling, the taste of the lovely and smooth flavour of the Shisha on the back of your throat – these are all pulls to enjoy the hookah experience.  The tradition is middle-eastern, and has been practiced for hundreds of years at social gatherings.  The tobacco is soaked in honey and passes through a water chamber before it is inhaled.

Many people are seeking out the best Shisha bars to enjoy their hookah with friends.  If you are in smaller communities like Mulberry, you may have to drive a bit – to Layfayette or West Layfayette.  There is a Shisha available for purchase at a place called ‘Amused’ in Layfayette (765-449-8733), 12 miles from Mulberry.

Best Shisha Bar #1

Blu135 – West Layfayette (765-743-3636)

Hookah! and Blu135 is an exciting lounge and dance floor.  It has Maza restaurant and lounge serving mouth-watering food, and the quality and smoothness of Satrbuzz Hookah in over seventy-five flavours.

The weekend’s dance music is managed by the best, most capable and electric d.j.’s in Indiana!  If you are looking to enjoy your Shisha either with music, dancing and sexy companionship, this is a great place to go!  If you are looking for a great meal, martinis and a more private booth environment, this is still a great place to go!  Something is here for everyone!  And there is full-flavoured Hookah to boot!

Best Shisha Bar #2

Bombay Hookah Lounge – West Layfayette (765-746-2345)

The staff at the Bombay Hookah Lounge are knowledgeable and able to assist you with recommendations, and if you are new to Hookah, to assist you in using the Hookah.  They can also show you how to get the best, most enjoyable and smooth Shisha experience in Layfayette.

The food is excellent, with a wide range of menu items of Indian cuisine.  Come for dessert, come for a full meal, come for appetizers!  The dancing and music are also a big attraction! There is also talk of the introducing Electronic Shihsa or E-Shisha too!

Best Shisha Bar #3

Egyptian Cafe – West Layfayette (765-743-0500)

The Egyptian Cafe has a large menu of excellent food, which only complements great service and good Hookah.  The cuisine is superb – with a variety of menu options for all cravings and tastes!   From lamb to chicken souvlaki, fries to falafel, there is rave reviews of it all!  The music is also very good; varied and upbeat.  Sports plays on the televisions, even in the day – for those who like to smoke their Shisha, relax and watch a competitive game of soccer with friends!

The staff is friendly and top-notch, making the whole experience a pleasant, relaxing one, or if you go for the nightlife, a fun and entertaining one.

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